College Knight

Sept. 18-24, 2003
College Knight
By Eileen Jevis/ SUN staff writer
Ludden students and parents have an opportunity to shop for colleges

Bishop Ludden Junior-Senior High School will hold “College Night 2003” on Wednesday, Sept. 24 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Over 70 college representatives from all over New York State will be present to inform, answer questions, and recruit juniors and seniors from Bishop Ludden and surrounding schools. The event is open to all students and parents from the area. There will be several banks on hand as well to distribute financial information and loan applications. Sister Rose Garramone, OSF, helps coordinate the event and said it is very valuable to the parents and students because it provides so much information. “Upon arrival, the students will be given a list of the colleges present. Then they will be able to visit those they are interested in,” she said. In addition to financial aid and admission procedures, the students ask the college representatives for more specific information: Does the college offer what they are looking for? What grades do they need to get in? How important are SAT/ACT scores? What’s the minimum score they can receive and still qualify for admission into the school? How important is earning a Regents diploma?

Sister Rose said while regent’s diplomas are important for entry into colleges in New York State, there are others factors that are equally important. “It’s important that the college meets the needs of the student,” she said. “At Bishop Ludden, our objective is to make sure the students strive to become the best that they can be. We work to take the students from where they are now and encourage them to be the best in college and in life.”. There are other concerns for students and parents when deciding on a college. “Financial aid is becoming a bigger issue,” said Sister Rose. “More and more parents are finding it difficult to finance their teen’s education. They can no longer afford it. That’s why scholarships become so important.” The work that is put into organizing an event of this size takes months of planning. College Night serves as a one-stop shopping expedition for those students interested in attending a school in New York State. It also requires the students to take the initiative and responsibility to ask the right questions. “It motivates them to research the colleges of their choice to help them make their final decision,” said Sister Rose.

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