Preparing for Advent

Jan, 8-14, 2004
Preparing for Advent
By Kristen Fox / SUN  Staff Writer
Students at St. Rose of Lima School write Advent prayers and poems

The children at St. Rose of Lima School in Syracuse were very busy during the Advent season. Several classes had collection projects for the Lullaby League of Catholic Charities and Meals on Wheels of North Syracuse. Students also prepared passages to Jesus in anticipation of His birth. The following prayers and poems were written by Mary Romano’s fourth grade class.
Dear Baby Jesus, I can’t wait until your birthday. I love you a lot. I love you because you are the Son of God. I go to Church during this Advent Season. I will celebrate your birth with joy! Amen. Anthony Camardella Dear Jesus, We are waiting for this special time of year. Please bless us with your love and care. We are lighting the candles one by one. We are waiting for our precious Son. Advent is the reason for this Christmas season. Amen. Meaghan Harrington Dear Jesus, I can’t wait until you are born. Now, that Advent is here we pray. We love you dearly. I think about you all the time. We have been lighting one candle every week on the Advent wreath. It is closer every day to your birthday. Amen. Ashley Wolcik Dear Jesus, I look forward to your birth. You are such a blessing! I pray that people are kind to those around them. Advent is a time we should care and respect others. It’s a time to love your friends and family. Amen. Amanda Miller Dear Baby Jesus, I am looking forward to your birth. You will be such a beautiful baby. I can’t wait for you to arrive, I am praying for you. You are my Savior. Amen. Robert Teeter A is for anticipating His birth. D is for December the month of Jesus’ birth. V is for Christmas vacation. E is for the elegantly dressed tree. N is for now waiting for You. T is for the time we will see you. Dear Lord, I am waiting to see your Son. I pray my prayers every night. I wait and put my Christmas decorations up. And I know we will have a lot of fun. And your Son will be born. Amen. Kaleigh Carroll Dear Jesus, I am lighting my Advent wreath for you. Everyday I try to do something good because Christmas is coming. On Christmas I will try not to think about myself too much. I will try to think more about others. I am trying hard to prepare for the coming of your birth. Amen. Caitlyn Buckman

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