New Leadership

May 20-27, 2004
New Leadership
By Eileen Jevis/ SUN staff writer
SUN photo(s) Paul Finch
Rome Catholic School Announces Appointment of New Principal

ROME –– The announcement of the new principal of Rome Catholic School was met with enthusiasm and support by the faculty and staff of the newly created K-12 Catholic school campus. Superintendent John Cataldo made the announcement on May 12 that Christopher Mominey will succeed Dominick Tagliaferri, Jr./Sr. High School principal who is retiring, and Elizabeth Warwick, principal of St. Peter’s Elementary School who did not apply for the position. Mominey, who has 10 years of experience in education, recently served as the director of campus ministry for Christian Brothers Academy. Prior to that he was the coordinator of school ministry at the Villa Angela – St. Joseph High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Mominey earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Bonaventure and a master’s degree from John Carroll University. He is also working toward his Certificate of Advanced Studies in Administration from the University of Rochester.

In his remarks to the faculty and staff, Mominey said that it was with a deep sense of gratitude that he accepted the appointment as principal. He thanked the faculty, staff and parents of the schools who have worked to make Catholic education a reality in their community. “Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, it has been these dedicated men and women, parents and young people that have made this day possible for me,” said Mominey. In January, Cataldo announced that in an effort to strengthen and preserve Catholic education in Rome, St. Peter’s School and Rome Catholic Jr./Sr. High School would be combined into one campus. Mominey said that his appointment to the position is a symbol of Cataldo’s commitment to make the new era of the Catholic campus one filled with hope and excitement. “It is more than a symbol. It is a very real effort on the part of this diocese to respond to the voices of those in Rome who have said that we can do this if you give us the resources necessary to make it happen,” said Mominey. His statement was met with enthusiastic applause from the faculty and staff.

Current principal Dominick Tagliaferri is ready to hand over the torch. “I’m excited because he seems very energetic and enthusiastic to be coming to our community,” said Tagliaferri. Tagliaferri said that the individual who steps into the position needs to be a people person. “A lot of problems can be solved with a little communication,” he said. “Mominey seems to be a people person.” While Tagliaferri will become a snowbird in January, spending three months of the winter in Florida, he plans to continue to be actively involved in the school. “They have me booked for the next 10 years to work at the concession stand,” joked Tagliaferri. “There are two reasons why I’m pleased to be passing the torch. I am passing it to someone I like and I’m happy that the school will be here in the future. It’s nice to know that. The hard work of keeping jobs in Rome Catholic Schools is paying off,” said Tagliaferri.

Pam Burns, Nancy Wilson and Margaret White are faculty members at the school and were impressed with Mominey’s commitment and firm leadership style. They also like his spirituality and rich background in faith formation. “He has a lot of respect for children of all levels and for the faculty,” said Burns. “You can tell we will work well together.” Wilson agreed. “The focus should remain on the children,” she said. “A lot goes on in a school, but if you keep your focus on the children, then the mission runs well. And the word ‘mission’ is a key word in a Catholic school.”

In his closing remarks, Mominey said, “I am here not only to tell you the glass is half full. I am here to tell you that the glass is overflowing. Let’s dive into this awesome task together,” he said.

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