Faith & Fun

Feb 24- Mar 2, 2005
VOL 124 NO. 7
Faith & Fun
By Connie Cissell/ SUN editor
LIVERPOOL — One of the final activities on Sister Eileen McCann’s to-do list before she left the diocese for a position with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was to begin preparation for Junior High Youth Day 2005. The event offers an opportunity for youth from all regions of the diocese to come together and celebrate, learn and have fun.

This year John Doughty, youth minister at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, is organizing the event. The theme is “The Incredible Super Heroes: Jesus and the Heroes of Faith.” Mike Patin is scheduled to speak and his style is a perfect fit for the topic. With energy, humor and stories that will affirm God’s presence among young people, Patin brings 20 years of experience in working with youth. He worked for over a decade in the Youth Ministry Office of the Diocese of New Orleans. He has traveled to more than 60 dioceses throughout the U.S. speaking and presenting his own brand of inspiration.

Patin says there is a “genuine hunger in young people for spirituality.” He said that since Pope John Paul II celebrated World Youth Day there has been a resurgence in numbers of young people becoming more aware of their Catholic faith.

“Young people have become more involved with retreat ministry, praise and worship, service projects and they have a desire to learn Scripture,” Patin explained.

Doughty is hoping the young people of the Syracuse Diocese attend the annual event hosted this year at his parish. “I am looking forward to and am really excited to host Mike in my parish,” Doughty said. “I know he can really connect with young kids.”

Patin said that young people today really enjoy the idea of “big church,” events where large groups of spiritually motivated youth can get together and have fun.

The theme of super heroes of faith, Doughty explained, will give the youngsters the opportunity to learn about some of the heroes of the Catholic faith, such as Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Jesus Christ, Moses, St. Francis and more.

Patin’s advice is: “If you like to laugh and if you like to think and you are open to God being a part of that laughing and that thinking, they you ought to come. You’’re gonna have a good time.”

Register for Junior High Youth Day by contacting John Doughty, St. Joseph the Worker Church, 1001 Tulip St., Liverpool, N.Y. 13088; (315) 457-6060, or by email:

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