Man Oh Man

Feb. 3-9, 2005
Man Oh Man
By Father Michael Carmola/ SUN contributing writer
Christ the King Retreat Center Offers a Change to Recharge Spiritual Batteries

The Most. Rev. Thomas J. Costello will be offering a Weekend Retreat for Men at Christ the King Retreat House, Feb. 4-6. Bishop Costello will be giving a series of talks, discussing “The God Question.” This retreat for men has something to offer men from all walks of life.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the men’s retreat movement was at its peak. The Jesuits ran the Retreat House at that time (as they did for 50 years). On July 19, 1954, construction began for a new wing for the Retreat House, to provide sufficient room for men in the diocese to make weekend retreats. Forty single bedrooms were added at this time, along with an enlarged chapel, kitchen, dining room and conference room. The first weekend retreat to be held after the new addition was finished was for Catholic men employed by General Electric. The Retreat House was busy with men’s retreats at that time, offering 46 weekends for men each year.

Times change. The pace of life speeded up, and fewer people found the time to “make a retreat.” Even the thought of attending a retreat makes some people uneasy. They’re not sure if they’ll fit in; not sure if they’re “holy enough” to spend a weekend in prayer and reflection. This Weekend Retreat for Men is designed for busy men, in any walk of life — men who are striving to live good and godly lives in an increasingly secular society. There will be plenty of time for prayer and reflection, time for rest — for body and soul. Registration begins at 5 p.m. on Friday evening. After dinner at 6 p.m., Bishop Costello will offer the opening conference. During the weekend he will speak several times, providing a spiritual perspective on a variety of topics. Each thought-provoking conference will offer fresh ideas and insights as to how to live as Catholic Christian men in the day-to-day world, serving God at home with your family, or at work or play.

In addition to the scheduled activities, there will be time to interact with other men, and learn from their experiences. Fathers, husbands, adult sons and brothers, businessmen, professional men, working men, retired men — all men are invited to this retreat. No one is too busy, and no calendar is too full. This weekend will provide an opportunity to leave the hectic world behind. Spending a weekend with a group of men who share the same faith and ideals will recharge one’s spiritual batteries.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Is Jesus speaking to you now?

If you’ve ever thought about making a retreat, this is the time. The offering for the weekend is $125, which includes conferences, lodging and meals. For more information and for reservations, call Christ the King Retreat Center, (315) 446-2680.

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