Rome Catholic

Jan. 13-19, 2005
Rome Catholic
By Rome Catholic School staff
School Embodies Great Learning, Great Joy and Great Love for Jesus Christ

When it comes to Catholic education, no one does it better than the people of Rome, N.Y. For over 150 years the Catholic system has been alive and well in Rome. Under the leadership of a new principal and within the excitement of a new consolidation, the course for a bright future is being charted with each new day. Great joy

Building community is always at the forefront of the mission at RCS. The excitement surrounding the new school is driven by a spirit of family and tradition found in few other places. The joy of this new chapter that is unfolding in Rome is filling the hearts of so many people in the community that it is contagious. From day one this new venture has been about the students, their families and the city of Rome coming together to rally around the mission of Catholic education. And now the fruits of their labor are being realized. Great learning

In the tradition of all Catholic schools, academic success is paramount at RCS. Students are encouraged to work hard in the classroom and to achieve to their God-given potential. From pre-school all the way up to the graduating senior class, the young men and women of Rome Catholic are provided with unique opportunities in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the fine arts. Learning is always taking place. Even the teachers are encouraged to grow through professional development opportunities, in-service workshops and peer coaching.

Great Love for Jesus Christ

Students at RCS are often reminded that they are members of the Body of Christ. Through their many service projects and retreats they become the hands of Christ. Through their religious studies classes they take on the mind of Jesus. Through their celebration of the Catholic traditions they help to make visible the heart of Jesus. The school is determined to form its students into young men and women who are prepared to live their faith in the world and to preach the Gospel of Jesus in all that they say and do. The Birth of a School

Just two years ago Rome boasted of two Catholic elementary schools and a Catholic junior/senior high school. But with the realities of the economy looming large in this part of the diocese, decisions were made to begin a consolidation process that have resulted in one school on one campus with one central administration. Today Transfiguration School and Saint Peter’s School along with Rome Catholic Junior-Senior High School no longer exist. Instead under the vision and determination of the people in this city, a new school has been born: Rome Catholic School. This past September this new school welcomed over 350 students in grades pre-school through 12. From there it’s been smooth sailing for the Red Wing community. Plans are already being made for the 2005-2006 school year and beyond!

Coming Up At Rome Catholic School

January 15: Senior Class Pasta Night at The Beeches in Rome

January 18 – 28th School and Regents Exams

February 5 – 11th Catholic Schools Week

February 10: Open House and Registration at RCS

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