Seton Catholic- Binghamton

Jan. 20 – 26, 2005
Seton Catholic- Binghamton
By Seton Catholic Central High School
A Community of Faith and Talent The theme of Catholic Schools Week for this year is – “Catholic Schools: Faith in Every Student”. This idea comes to life at Seton Catholic Central High School every time the school community comes together for a school-wide liturgy. Not only do our students serve as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and altar servers, but they also bring their artistic talents to the liturgy.

School Masses are an opportunity for celebration and collaboration between students and teachers who sing, play musical instruments and lead the prayer of the school-wide community with the voices of the award-winning Select Chorus. Under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Peg Mathis and Mr. Jan De Angelo, school Masses have enjoyed a increased enthusiasm with both faculty and student participation. A chamber group including several students and faculty accompanies the soloists and chorus.

At one school liturgy this year, soloist Charlie Hyland was accompanied by his father, social studies teacher Brian Hyland during the Mass. Mrs. Mathis, a liturgical planner and a vocalist herself, chooses from a list of numerous students who serve as cantors and musicians. During the Southern Region’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week this year, SCCHS will host a jazz Mass on Monday, February 7 bringing new spirit to the celebration. As Seton Catholic Central High School looks to enliven its music program, they have found the school liturgies a perfect forum for students and teachers to share their many gifts. Seton Catholic Central looks to find and express the faith in every student!

New Technology Impacts Teaching and Learning

Over the summer of 2004, Seton Catholic Central High School saw the installation of new desktop computers in every classroom and the upgrading of its network. Every teacher can now access the rich resources available on the Internet to enrich his/her teaching. Increasing numbers of student assignments across the curricula involve research and cooperative efforts that often result in PowerPoint and other multimedia presentations. The new network also enables teachers and students to save their work on a server. This network server ensures that all students and teachers can retrieve their work from any computer in the school and continue their work regardless of which computer they use.

The expanded use of technology has also changed the once traditional SCCHS Library into a vibrant learning center. The Media Learning Center, as our library is now known, has embarked on a pilot project: it features a wireless and laptop learning environment. The physical space has been altered to facilitate the expanding use of computers and the Internet for both individual and group projects. The days of the quiet library environment are gone forever at SCCHS. The opening of Saintly Grounds in November 2003, our high tech coffee house in the back half of the Media Learning Center, initiated the transformation. After school, Saintly Grounds serves food and beverages to students and teachers who are engaging in tutorial and enrichment activities. The Media Learning Center is abuzz with students and teachers working together to break the traditional teaching-learning mold. The wireless and laptop environment pilot project is allowing educators to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of such a bold step on teaching, learning and student achievement and will inform decisions about future moves in that direction on a school-wide basis.

Seton Catholic Central student wins Jefferson Award

By Mike Lintz, senior at Seton Catholic Central

Charlie Hyland, 16, was recently awarded the Jefferson Award during a school-wide Mass at Seton Catholic Central High School. The Jefferson Awards were established in 1972 to encourage and honor individuals for their achievements and contributions through public and community service. Charlie, who is one of the youngest people to receive this award, was honored for his community service at Catholic Charities of Broome County. When asked what he does at Catholic Charities, Charlie replied, “I stock shelves in the pantry, but I’ll do whatever’s needed. If we’re shorthanded, I will help the customers too.” He tries to volunteer at Catholic Charities whenever his schedule allows.

Charlie was given the award at a Mass on December 8. He was caught off guard by a local television reporter. “I was taken completely by surprise,” Charlie said. “I figured the reporter was there to give the award to a teacher.” Along with the award has come some greater meaning to his life, explained Charlie. “It is a great honor to be presented with such a prestigious award,” he said. “It has given me a greater sense of responsibility because now people are looking to me to lead by example and I hope not to disappoint them.”

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