A winning combination

Sept 1-7. 2005
VOL 124 NO. 29
A winning combination
By Claudia Mathis/ SUN staff writer
SUN photo(s) Paul Finch
It’s a win/win situation for Our Lady of Pompei School in Syracuse and the education department of Le Moyne College. The teaching staff of Our Lady of Pompei School will provide pre-service training, under a cooperating teacher program, to Le Moyne College education students. At the same time, Le Moyne College will provide the Our Lady of Pompei School teaching staff with development through education in content and pedagogy, access to their professional library and use of instructional materials, among other things.

Everyone involved believes that this collaborative effort toward teacher training will advance and improve student achievement and teacher competence, while at the same time improving teacher preparation and advancing the teaching profession.

The seed was planted when chair of the education department at Le Moyne College, Kathy Leogrand; asked principal of Our Lady of Pompei School Barbara Jacques if the school was interested in participating in the Professional Development School program. “With this program, we would be provided with extra eyes and hands,” said Jacques. “We strive for academic excellence. By having these resources available to us, it strengthens our academic programs. It’s a wonderful program. I look forward to a great relationship with Le Moyne College.”

David Ringwood is a 1984 graduate of the Professional Development School program. He now holds the position of Field Placement Coordinator for the program. He feels that the relationship between both schools is beneficial to everyone involved. “When our students provide tutorial assistance, it gives them some of their first professional experience with students and teachers,” said Ringwood.

Additionally, the faculty at Our lady of Pompei School has the added advantage of having access to the professional expertise and programs available at Le Moyne College. “Last spring, we helped a school district with the issue of making a better connection with students that are on the edge — they have talent, but aren’t putting forth their best efforts,” said Ringwood. “We try to keep it as flexible as we can — according to what they need and want. The schools appreciate our willingness to send our students into their classrooms.”

As partners in the Professional Development School program, Le Moyne College and Our Lady of Pompei School will share resources, write grants, provide in-service workshops and share Superintendent Day initiatives.

The pre-service training program is three-tiered. Freshman and sophomore education students make up level one, juniors level two and seniors level three.

While training at Our Lady of Pompei School, first and second year students will observe, work with students and work as aides in the classroom. The Le Moyne students will be under constant teacher supervision during all of level one.

The Le Moyne students will observe every subject to become familiar with different teaching styles and all curricula. This will include labs, library, chorus, nurse’s office, technology, etc. – including administrative areas as well. They will attend an annual open house, parent conferences and faculty meetings.

The Le Moyne students will also familiarize themselves with building resources and support personnel, and assume tutoring assignments.

At level two, Le Moyne students will be engaged in instructional planning for the classroom as well as tutoring and mentoring students under the direction of a teacher. They will teach parts of lessons, work in small groups, help run creative learning activities, as well as correct and conference on student work. They will also function as teaching assistants in their core area at grade levels one through six. At this level, students will prepare a mini lesson and implement the lesson with the class.

At level three, the teaching candidates will be given a wider range of responsibility. They will no longer be under constant teacher supervision as they use remedial instruction methods and evaluate students.

In the fall semester of their senior year, the pre-service teacher may request to continue at Our Lady of Pompei School to carry out his or her student teaching under a cooperating teacher, to meet the current student teaching requirements.

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