Beginning Another Century

Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2005
Beginning Another Century
By Claudia Mathis/ SUN staff writer
Agnes Hannah Celebrates Her 100th Birthday LIVERPOOL — Agnes Hannah has made a remarkable impression on her next-door neighbor Beverly Galtieri. That’s why Galtieri thought Hannah’s birthday should be shared. Hannah turned 100 on Sept. 22. “She’s been my neighbor for the last two years,” said Galtieri. “She’s a very caring, beautiful lady. She’s got it all together. I can see why her family is so attached to her — she’s a very nice, pleasant lady. She’s always smiling and she is very aware of everything around her.”

Hannah’s family and friends helped her mark the occasion with a dinner celebration at LeMoyne Manor in Liverpool on Sept. 17. “It was such a beautiful party,” remarked Hannah. “I really enjoyed every bit of it. All my friends and family were there. I loved having all my family with me.”

Included on the guest list were Hannah’s four daughters and sons-in law Mary and Dominic Crisafulli of Liverpool, N.Y., Peg and Joe Shambo of Carthage, N.Y., Nancy Duggan of Rhode Island and Sally and Joe DeGilio of Florida. Also taking part in the celebration were Hannah’s grandchildren and their families from California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and New York. Hannah has 19 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren and eight great-great grandchildren. In addition, Hannah’s brother and sister-in-law Bill and Marge Mercier, sister-in-law Hattie Mercier, nieces, nephews and their spouses and close family friends joined her in the celebration.

Her four daughters planned the party. “We all thought it was a great idea,” said Crisafulli. “She likes parties. She was excited about the idea.” They tried to keep the party a secret, but Hannah learned of the plan one month before the event was to take place.

“It was a really nice party,” said Hannah. “They didn’t leave anything out when they planned it.” The celebration included music provided by a disc jockey. “The children danced and had a good time,” said Hannah. “I used to dance, but I don’t anymore.” All who attended the celebration enjoyed a beautifully decorated cake, made by Hannah’s hairdresser and her mother.

When asked what her secret is for living so long, she said, “I can’t figure that out, but they all said it was because I didn’t eat vegetables. And I also think it was all the hard work that I did.” Crisafulli thinks that her mother has led a long life because she has taken good care of her health.

A native of Oswego, Hannah worked at Long’s Candy Factory, Oswego State Teacher’s College and Ange’s Gift Shop until she retired at age 86. Hannah lived in Oswego up until two years ago, when her family moved her to Liverpool. While living in Oswego, she was an active parishioner of St. Peter’s Church, participating in the Women’s Guild. “I enjoyed that very much,” said Hannah. “

Hannah enjoys conversing on the telephone with her many friends and family. “I don’t get out too much,” said Hannah. “I’m happy to be with my family, and I’m sure that they’re glad that I’m around. They do an awful lot for me and I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Reflecting on her mother, Crisafulli said, “Her children and grandchildren all love her. She makes them feel special.” Crisafulli continued, “Her memory is remarkable. I often ask her where a certain person lived or what their name is, and she comes up with the information just like that.”

Hannah said her faith plays an important part in her life. She prays the rosary several times a day. “I pray for everybody — I’ve got a list a mile long,” she said. “I try to be a good Catholic. I always went to church regularly — maybe that’s what kept me going. The Lord looks after me.”

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