Joy Times Three

Nov. 10-16, 2005
Joy Times Three
John , Eric and Greg Casey (top) and Emily , Bryanna and Caitlyn Spaulding make up the two sets of triplets attending St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Preschool
By Claudia Mathis/ SUN staff writer
SUN photo(s) Paul Finch
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Preschool Boasts Two Sets of Triplets BALDWINSVILLE — It’s a special year for all involved at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Preschool. The preschool has been graced with two sets of triplets. “It’s so unusual to have a set of triplets enrolled, but this year we have two sets,” said director Terri Ferrigan. “We have a set of boys and a set of girls. They’re adorable. What I love is that they are so comfortable together. For part of our day, we separate our students into three groups for a craft lesson and to work on large motor skills. We place the triplets with the other students so they can get used to the other children. They interact well, but when they come back together, they are very happy to see one another.”

Leslie and Jim Casey welcome the addition of triplets Eric, Greg and John to their family of two boys. “It’s awesome – they’re fun and they have a lot of energy,” said Leslie. “They bring a lot of joy to our lives.”

Parishioners of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the Caseys decided to send their triplets to the preschool after hearing positive things about it. This is the first year that the triplets have attended the preschool. “The boys love it,” said their mother. “They would go every day if they could. They love playing with their friends and participating in all the different activities.” “I can see them maturing,” she said. “The teachers separate the children into groups, and as a result, they’ve become more socialized. It’s a nice thing. I think they’re doing a great job.” St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Preschool head teacher Karen George said that although the boys are triplets, they each have their own distinct personality. “John is outgoing and has a good sense of humor, Eric is enthusiastic and is interested in everything, and Greg is laid-back,” she said.

George described both sets of triplets as being very independent and responsible. This is the second year of attending St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Preschool for four-year-old triplets Bryanna, Caitlin and Emily Spaulding. “Bryanna really enjoyed seeing her friends from last year,” remarked Bryanna’s mother, Mary Kate Spaulding. “She really loves the other children. She loves to laugh and she has a beautiful sense of humor. Bryanna is also a risk-taker.”

Parishioners of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, parents Mary Kate and Don Spaulding had also sent their sons, Ian and Colin to the preschool a few years back. “The girls love preschool,” said Mary Kate. “They love the other students and they get along very well with them. They also like the music and the stories.”

Spaulding said she noticed that her daughters have become more autonomous since attending preschool. “I’ve asked the school to encourage them to be their own person and they have done that,” said Spaulding. “The girls don’t regard themselves as triplets.” “Emily is motherly,” she said. “She’s very bright. She follows the rules and she reminds her sisters of what they should be doing.” Caitlyn is athletic and enjoys playing ball with her brothers. “She’s a little more shy and more timid than her sisters,” said Spaulding.

When the Spauldings first learned that they were expecting triplets, they felt overwhelmed. “We thought it was God’s little joke,” said Spaulding. “We grappled with this special gift. Then one day, as we were driving home from a family outing, six-year-old Ian said, ‘God gave us triplets to show us His love.’ For something that was so intimidating, it’s become a beautiful experience. The children give back so much.”

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