Fulfilling a Mission

April 27-May 3,2006
Fulfilling a Mission
By Most Holy Rosary school staff
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Most Holy Rosary School Promotes Service to Others with Character, Compassion and Values

A cornerstone to a balanced Catholic education is moral character, and Most Holy Rosary chooses to teach service to others and support for the community with action.
Recently, Most Holy Rosary was honored when students were asked for the second time to participate in the Naturalization Ceremony in March of 2006 at the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of New York. Music Director Barbara Holzhauer and some of her students created a musical presentation especially for the newest U.S. citizens and their families. It allowed students to share their talents through a moving and patriotic service. The children benefit because they get to see how rewarding their hard work and dedication to their talent can be as well as the rewards of the hard work the recipients have dedicated toward becoming citizens of the U.S.

Early spring brought the Most Holy Rosary students together with two deserving community projects driven by love, faith and the hope for a better world by serving others. Pre-K and kindergarten students shared their piggy banks to help the Quest for a Million Pennies Campaign. The penny drive is a fundraiser facilitated by Lite 105.9 FM to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House in Syracuse. The children brought in their pennies and poured them into an empty five-gallon water jug, almost filling it to the top in a month’s time. The students proudly presented the jug and good wishes to Dave Allen of the radio station and Jennifer Saraceni of Ronald McDonald House when they visited the school. Saraceni talked to the children about what Ronald McDonald House does and how important their contribution is to the more than 600 children and families the charity serves. Most importantly the littlest students can see how they can help and how “many hands make light the work” and add up to a huge pay off.

To demonstrate the same spirit of generosity and caring for others, students in grades one through six brought to school food that they “love” to benefit the Inter-religious Food Consortium which, under the direction of Michelle Jordan, coordinates approximately 70 food pantries in Onondaga County.

Jordan came to thank the MHR students personally on St. Valentine’s Day. The work of the food pantries is never-ending and goes on year round. Jordan explained to the students that their kind of giving really impacts the lives of families in Central New York.

As the end of the academic year nears, the school will support two more service projects. All the students at Most Holy Rosary will raise money to donate to FOOD FOR THE POOR, INC. Their goal is $500 — the amount necessary to provide school supplies for a classroom of children for one year in a school in the Caribbean or Latin America. There is no greater gift than the one of faith and education. Lastly, fifth grade students, who completed the DARE Program this year, are supporting a fundraising event to benefit the Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston, Mass., in association with the Syracuse City Police Department. Students will be competing with classes from other schools to see who can collect the most aluminum can “pop-tops.”

The school takes pride in all of its students and teachers for embracing these causes and promoting social responsibility by putting others ahead of themselves. Most Holy Rosary strives to provide students with building blocks to be productive citizens. The students (and their families) have shown time after time that they can rise to the challenge and be faithful and true in their service. This becomes a part of their spirit and promotes a sense of purpose as they further their education and take the lessons with them. The Most Holy Rosary mission statement proudly proclaims its goals, “A sense of responsibility to reach out in service to others is instilled in Most Holy Rosary students. To foster lifelong success, the parish school integrates morals and values in a warm, caring, safe, family-oriented atmosphere.”

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