St. Margaret’s in Mattydale raises the bar



Educating mind, heart, and spirit is the essence of Catholic education.  At St. Margaret’s School, every child receives a strong academic foundation with an emphasis on morals and values.  St. Margaret’s is proud of its long-standing tradition of academic excellence. 

Academic Highlights:
• Small class size (Average size = 16)
• Outstanding New York State exam scores
• Exceptional, highly qualified & certified teachers

2008 4th Grade NYS Test Results:
• 100% passing on the ELA exam
• 100% passing on the Math exam
• 100% passing on the Social Studies exam


For over 50 years, St. Margaret’s School has provided a strong academic program built on faith, values, and morals.  We are a Christ-centered community whose educators are dedicated to “teach as Jesus did.”

Daily faith experiences are evidenced by:
• Morning prayers, school liturgies, and special prayer services planned and presented by students
• Parish priests actively involved in sacramental programs and school activities
• Strong connections to community groups such as Hospice, local nursing homes, and our own Human Development office. Monthly community service projects to benefit many local organizations


At St. Margaret’s Elementary School, we offer many activities and programs for students of all ages, including:

• Pre-K program – half or full day (3-4 year olds)
• Full day kindergarten
• Spanish Program for Pre-K through 6th Grade
• Onsite tutoring and academic intervention services
• Chorus, band, piano, and instrumental music lessons
• ADAPEP counselor and D.A.R.E. program
• Before school & after school care
• Summer day camp
• Karate and dance programs
• Intramural and interscholastic sports programs
• Busing from all area school districts


At St. Margaret’s School, our developmental preschool program focuses on children’s physical, social, emotional, and academic growth.

Pre-K Highlights:
• Fun, active, hands-on learning
• Developmental curriculum including communication skills, literacy, and daily physical activity
• Introduction of letters, words, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, and more!
• Creative learning environment  for 3&4 year olds
• Bright, spacious, renovated classrooms!
Our daily activities include circle time, arts-n-crafts, story-time, fine and gross motor activities, expressive/free play, and outdoor fun.

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