St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center hosts information session on weight loss program

SYRACUSE — On Thursday, Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. in the DeFuria Room of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, the hospital will host an information session on the Take Shape, SJH weight loss and maintenance program. Take Shape, SJH is a medically supervised weight loss program featuring Medifast products. Medifast has been recommended by more than 20,000 doctors since 1980. St. Joseph’s program is under the medical direction of prominent area cardiologist Russell Silverman, MD. Since its launch in March, Take Shape, SJH has helped hundreds of people in Central New York to lose more than a ton — literally.

Through Take Shape, SJH, participants can expect to lose an average of up to two to five pounds per week as well as reduce dependence on medications for diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Under the program, people eat five Medifast Meals each day in addition to a Lean & Green Meal consisting of a lean protein and non-starchy vegetables. Medifast Meals include shakes, bars, puddings, soups, oatmeals, scrambled eggs, and on-the-go items like pretzel sticks and cheese puffs. The meals are prepackaged to make staying on plan as easy as possible. Insurance does not often cover these foods, so participants pay for them out-of-pocket. Because participants make their own Lean & Green Meal each day, they are still able to shop and prepare fresh food, and can even go out to eat as long as they stick to healthy food choices. The program enables participants to develop relationships with the staff of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Wellness Program, who act as health coaches for those who choose to “take shape.” The Health Coach Team will also work closely with one’s physician when needed.
Call (315) 703-2138 to reserve a spot

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