Judy Carr receives Sister Pat Geary Award from St. Augustine’s Church


IMG_7521Sr._Pat_Award_2011By Jennika Baines
Sun Associate Editor

St. Augustine’s Church in Baldwinsville has given the Sister Pat Geary Award to parishioner Judy Carr. The award is presented in memory of a Sister of St. Joseph who was a member of the parish and who strongly encouraged the idea of reaching out to others personally. Carr was chosen in part for her service to the parish.

Carr serves on the RCIA team, the social action ministry council, she facilitates a book group at the parish, and takes part in the “Breaking Open the Word” group which meets before Sunday Masses.

“But I think the thing that I most love is the E-Team,” Carr said. Technically, the “E” is supposed to stand for evangelization, “But it stands for a lot of things: eating, entertainment….” she said, laughing.

Carr has become a devoted member of the parish, driving from Tipp Hill in Syracuse to attend Mass there. She found St. Augustine’s 11 years ago after a thorough, methodical search for a parish. Carr had whittled down her list of churches to four, and was giving each four weeks to see if she felt a connection. “Oh, I had it all mapped out,” she said.

But a friend suggested she try St. Augustine’s. “I laughed and said, ‘But St. Augustine’s isn’t even on the short list!” Carr said. But she gave it a try any way. “I came and never left.”

While she never had the chance to meet Sister Pat, Carr said she is honored to  have received the honor from her fellow parishioners.

The award brings with it a $1,000 donation to the charity of the recipient’s choice. Carr said she wanted to choose a place that not only is important to her but also benefits other parishioners. That’s why she decided to split the award in half, with $500 going to the Spiritual Renewal Center and the other $500 going to the physical therapy services at Syracuse Home Association.

She said she is humbled by the award and is glad to be able to give back to the parishioners.

“What drew me and has kept me at St. Augustine’s is the fantastic community there, the vibrant, energized community,” Carr said. “It’s a place I want to be.”

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