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The Ninth Station

sad, tired
aching, praying, forced
Jesus, cross, guards, bystanders
falling, mocked, whipped
sad, holy
Jesus Falls The Third Time

By Baylor McCutcheon • Grade 3
St. Mary’s, Cortland

Spring is Here

The sun is shining, the birds are singing
Spring must be here
Flowers are blooming, kids are playing
Spring must be here
The snow is melting, animals are leaping
Spring must be here
Spring must be here

By Paul Santore • Grade 4
Trinity Catholic School, Oswego

The Eyes of Hope

Feel the crisp clear night…
All the moonlight dancing on the ice crystals
Formed on the evergreen branches…

There in the still night hides a stray…
In her eyes read the stories of misunderstanding,
Hope for survival, hope for a home, and peace
With her human counterparts.

The wilderness is not her home, for she is…
The eyes of hope.

By Annastasia Ludington • Grade 5
Cathedral Academy at Pompei, Syracuse


Who feels jubilant, joyful, and proud about his heritage
Who thinks of upbeat music, horses, and shamrocks when he thinks of Ireland
Who loves to eat Irish foods such as bacon, potatoes, and mutton
Whose favorite Irish family tradition is hanging a crucifix in every room of the house

By Garrett Reagan • Grade 6
St. Mary’s, Cortland



special, honest
rose, saved, crucified
Light, Son, Savior, Brother
prayed, gave, loved
truthful, fair
The Good Shepherd

By Allison Kolodziejczyk • Grade 3
St. Mary’s, Cortland



Trees blow their leaves away,
Over the river and onto another tree.
Trees can talk; Yes, I know it.
When the winds blow, they whisper.
They sing in harmony.
They sing to the world.

By Alanna Williams • Grade 6
Cathedral Academy at Pompei



Surrender to the sunset,
the night will have to wait.
Surrender to the sunset,
the sun like golden gates.
Kiss the hills goodbye,
cry the colors in the sky.
Surrender to the sunset,
the night will have to wait
because the sun is going to stay.

By Annika Slattery • Grade 6
Seton Catholic at All Saints, Endicott



Sweet sound of birds
Peeping as they fly.
Rabbits hopping
In the meadow.
Nibbling on
Green grass.

By Collyn Edwards • Grade 4
Cathedral Academy at Pompei,

The Hot Chocolate Thief

One morning Bubbles went down to get some hot chocolate. He asked his mom to make him some. She said, “We don’t have any.” Oh no. We must go to the store!! They are at the store and asked a store person where they could find the hot chocolate? The man said we got robbed by the tornado. He also said that all the stores were robbed of hot chocolate and a note that said you want your chocolate bring a $1,000,000 to a dark alley. So they did finally the hospital has the money he said. Also he said I know how people like hot chocolate so I took it all to donate it. Everyone was in shock.

By Jason Steiger • Grade 4
St. Mary’s Academy,


The Light Others Give to Me

Others give us light in several special ways. You can receive light from anybody, teachers, parents, priests, and friends.
Here are some people who give me light.
My mom and dad and family give me light of love and comfort. Family is a relaxing light.
Friends also give me light, lights of togetherness and friendship. It is a fun light to experience.
Yet others still give me light. Teachers, mentors and instructors. Those who instruct you, inspire you, and teach you. I get lights of learning and inspiration from them.
Now the last most important group of lights are priests, popes, bishops. The light they give is so radiant and holy and blessed and powerful I don’t know how to describe it. It is the best of all lights. Now that you know about the lights of all, go and give some to others and pass it along.

By Jacob Stearns • Grade 5
St. Patrick’s School. Oneida


Good-bye Winter

Good-bye, winter, see you soon,
But now is the time for ducks and loons.
Good-bye, snow, I say farewell,
Now we get get water from our well.
I love spring, I love flowers,
I say “hello” to April showers!

By Elizabeth Martin • Grade 4
Trinity Catholic School, Oswego



Kind, honest
Loving, forgiving, praying
He is our friend
Caring, giving, helping
Fair, awesome

By Mrs, Isbell’s Kindergarten
Holy Family School, Norwich


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