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Pre-K Lenten Project
St. Mary’s School, Cortland

St. Mary’s School Pre-K uses resurrection egg kits to help tell the Easter story of Jesus. After hearing the teacher talk about the Easter story of Jesus, Mrs. Emm and the three year olds in her Pre-K class made mini resurrection kits. The kits included five plastic colored eggs and special items inside. The first egg contained a piece of cereal and the second contained a silver nickel. The third and fourth eggs had a cross and a small stone. The fifth egg was empty. The class used their resurrection egg kits to retell the Easter story. Egg number one tells about the last supper. Egg number two tells about the betrayal of Jesus. Egg number three tells about Jesus on the Cross. Egg number four tells about how Jesus was placed in the tomb. The fifth egg is empty because Jesus is risen! Later, Mrs. Emm’s children took their kits home to share with their families over the Easter vacation.

Hot, warm
Blazing, burning, warming
Beach, pool, stars, light
Shinning, changing, rotating
Bright, pretty

Emma Story • Grade 4
Rome Catholic School


Snow, snow, go away!
Snow. Snow is everywhere. It is even in my hair. Okay Snow, I am tired of you. I want to go outside. Come another day Snow. That will be nice if you come again another day Snow. I am sorry I said that I want you to go away, but it is time for you to go away! I don’t mind if you go to the playground, but come next year. That will work out Snow. Is that a plan, Snow? I hope it works out. If it does work out that will be super good. You will see Snow, it will work out. I’ll see you next year!

Mylaina Dukat •  Grade 1
St. Mary’s School, Baldwinsville


Movies all the time
You watch movies now and then
Action and drama

Happy and funny
There are different types of them
Exciting or sad

Here are some movies
Hotel for Dogs is awesome
The Last Song is sad

The Last Song is great
Ronnie now lives on a beach
Her father dies, too.

Hotel for Dogs now
Dogs can live in a hotel
People help them out

Maria Pawlowski
St. John’s School, Binghamton



Late last night I took a hike,
to find my lost kite.

I saw the moon, it was turning blue,
and I didn’t know what to do.

So I turned around and saw a star.
It was twinkling very bright.

Then I said out loud, “I wish I may, I wish I might,
Find my lost kite tonight.”

Valerie Crowley • Grade 2
Seton Catholic at All Saints



It is the big day
of the All Saints Parade
where all the children come to play.
Food, games, candy and fun!
It’s nothing but warm sun!

Maddie Adams • Grade 2
Seton Catholic at All Saints


Pool, cold
Swimming, jumping, refreshing
Fun in, the sun, dark, no light
Warming, raging, destroying
Scary, hot

Katharine Balog •  Grade 4
Rome Catholic School


My hopes and dreams
Do you have any hopes or dreams? Well I have some hopes and dreams. I would love to share them with you.
One of my hopes and dreams is that I want to become a better friend and students in school. I will be able to achieve his goal by being polite to all of the teachers. Also, by saying good morning or good afternoon to anyone I see in the hallway. I can be more respectful to my friends. I have this as one of my goals because I feel that it is important to always be respectful and kind to others. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings because I would not want anyone to hurt mine.
I think the teacher will like this goal! My next goal is to try harder in school. When I say this I mean I am going to listen to my teacher more and I’m not going to rush on my school work. I will also try to do what my teacher says the first time she says to do it. I also will study harder for tests. I think this is a good goal because listening, not rushing, doing what is asked, and studying harder on tests will make me a better student and get better grades. This will make me one step closer to getting into a good college and to get a good occupation.
My last goal is to always plan ahead of time. This will help me stay organized and help me hand in my work on time. Planning out my work will help me not get frustrated and angry because I will have time to finish my work. I will achieve this by writing down my projects, book reports, and homework on a whiteboard, planners, or notebook.
I have just told you three of my goals. Make sure to always set goals for yourself and to always try your best to achieve them.

By Olivia Catania • Grade 6
Immaculate Conception Fayetteville

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