2011 – 2012 budget overview

The budget for the Central Administration Offices of the Diocese of Syracuse for the 2011-2012 fiscal year starting July 1, 2011 has been reviewed by the Audit Committee of the Finance Council and presented to the Finance Council of the Diocese with the recommendation for the Bishop’s approval. At the June 23, 2011 meeting, the budget was formally approved by Bishop Cunningham.
Planning and budgeting are fundamental for any organization. Each parish, school and any ministry of the diocese should have a 3-5 year plan and next year’s operating budget. The Diocese is no different.
This year the Diocesan budget process was enhanced. As in previous years, there was a budget committee of the diocese that evaluated each budget and challenged the budget request. This year each department was asked to present its proposed budget to the committee with the request to focus on evangelization. After the presentations, feedback was given to each department.
In addition, the budget committee conducted a survey of the parishes and their evaluation of the departments.
The survey will also be used as part of the long range planning process.
The expenses are budgeted for $9.5 million. The accompanying bar graph summarizes the areas that make up the expense budget. The table summarizes the main spending areas.
The anticipated revenue is $9.5 million – so the budget is balanced. The pie chart  summarizes the main areas of revenue.
The diocese has implemented an Increased Offertory Program for all parishes.  As part of the plan, the Diocese agreed to share the cost of the program.  It is estimated that this support will be $143,000, and this is included in the budget.
The budget also includes $100,000 for upgrades and investments in technology.  Cost reduction is expected with this technology investment.
Over the next 12 months, the Diocesan plans include the following:

* Continued focus to support the parishes and schools in their operational and financial activities. The budget includes an investment in a new parish accounting reporting system that will significantly streamline the parish reporting requirements and improve timeliness of reporting.

* The start-up of The Foundation of the Diocese of Syracuse. The diocese is adding the position of Assistant Director of Development.

* The consolidation of the diocesan offices into downtown Syracuse. This includes the sale of the Harrison Center and the relocation of the Development Office  and other departments to downtown. It is anticipated that there will be a cost reduction with this move.

* The implementation of a new accounting system that moves the diocese into a more efficient and streamlined management program.

* The continued effort of disposing and selling excess property to strengthen the balance sheet of the parishes affected.

Thank you very much for your support as we continue to work through generating a culture of teamwork and transparency in the Diocese of Syracuse.

(Submitted by Chief Operating
Officer John Barsanti.)

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