Beginning a new career within the diocese


Jackie_SchianoBy Claudia Mathis
SUN staff writer

Jackie Schiano, former staff accountant at the Diocesan Finance Department, is wearing a new hat these days. Schiano succeeded Donna Dwyer as the Safe Environment Administrator of the Diocesan Safe Environment Program on Dec. 15. The Safe Environment Program is responsible for protecting children and young people. It provides on-going training (through Virtus, a program of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group) of all individuals in contact with those under the age of 18.

After 24 years in the accounting field and several years of self-reflection, Schiano realized that she felt passionate about the notion of helping people.

When Schiano learned of the open position in the Safe Environment Program, she knew that the nature of the work fit her desire to help children and young people. “When I thought I could have a role in protecting youngsters and to make sure they were safe, the position really appealed to me,” said Schiano. “I like knowing that I play a part in preventing and the detection of abuse.”

Schiano said that she plans to accomplish a number of things in her new role. She wants to make sure that the network of facilitators for the program continues to grow. “I want to uplift the program so that people have the courage to use the process that we are promoting,” said Schiano. “My expectation is to look for exciting avenues to get the information out to people.”

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