A mom’s point of view

By: Darcy Fauci
Contributing writer

Each morning as I drop off my kids at St. Joseph School in Endicott, there is one emotion more than any other that I experience — relief.  No, I’m not talking about the relief of knowing that I am following the proper drop off procedure. (Although that does cause me some anxiety!)  It is the relief of knowing that once again after a crazed-filled morning, we have made it to school on time.

We’re not always on time. However, considering what we go through to get three kids ready for school, one child ready for day care and two adults ready for work, to make it to school even close to 8 o’clock is quite a feat. At least for this family!

But more importantly, the relief I feel is the result of knowing that my three oldest children are going to St. Joseph School where I know they are surrounded by excellent teachers guided by the principles of the Catholic faith.


As parents, we all strive to reinforce values in our children. We try to teach them the importance of good character development and of being thoughtful to one another. But we can only teach our children so much.  We must admit that the influences they experience at school are sometimes just as powerful as the lessons we try to instill in them at home.

That is why I feel such relief when I drop off my kids at St. Joseph School. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not relieved they are leaving me for 8-9 hours. I am relieved, however, knowing that for those 8-9 hours, they will be in the care of teachers, administrators and staff who know my children well, who look out for them, who encourage them, and who teach them about self respect and self esteem. Finally, I am relieved my children are in the hands of individuals who utilize basic Christian principles to encourage Christian behavior.

Some of our family and friends have asked how we can afford to send our children to Catholic school. We simply believe that we can’t afford not to send our children to St. Joseph School as long as it is an option for us.  These are difficult times and the world is a difficult place.  Schools are often difficult places for some students. My husband and I firmly believe however, that because of St. Joseph’s strong emphasis on academics and its strong belief in discipline and respect for every individual, many of the difficult situations experienced in public schools are not an issue at St. Joseph School.

As I pull my van up to the curb on Jackson Avenue (heading north as per the drop off policy) I am relieved as I watch the faces of my children exit the car.

They are not anxious, sullen or fearful of the day ahead. They are smiling, happy and eager to embark on another day at St. Joseph School. As a mother, what more could you ask for?

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