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St_Rose_ThankyouSt. Rose of Lima School shines for 50 years

By Msgr. James Kennedy
SUN contributing writer

NORTH SYRACUSE — St. Rose of Lima School opened its doors in 1958 in cooperation with the Sisters of St. Francis. As we approach our 50th year, we have taken some time to reflect upon how St. Rose of Lima School “Lights the Way” for all of us. For many it is a time of quiet thought that brings a warm smile of assurance to our face, for others it is a story to share or a question to ask.

What is the “way”? The “way” in general means the pathway to a goal or destination. The goal may be a job, a trade, a degree, etc. However, the goal for St. Rose School looks beyond this life, without neglecting the other goals. By way of explanation, the human person develops in three stages:

* Stage one lasts nine months, from conception to birth. It’s  a miracle.
* Stage two lasts anywhere from one hour to 89-90-100 years and beyond. Life expectancy today, in America, is about 78 years.
* Stage three lasts forever, and is called Eternal Life. This last stage is the unique goal of St. Rose of Lima School.

How does St. Rose School light the way to eternal life? At St. Rose it is accomplished by incorporating the revelation of God as part of the regular curriculum. So, every day finds a period wherein the teachings of Jesus Christ are presented. In addition, the whole atmosphere breathes these teachings — Morning Prayer, full observance of the special seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter), school Masses and day’s end prayers.

Don’t public schools provide the same light?  The answer is “No.” They certainly light the way to stage two, but are forbidden by law, to provide light to stage three. Religion can only be presented as a survey, such as the history of religions. This is not a put-down of the regular school systems, but is a conclusion from the term “Separation of Church and State.” Some aspects of the “separation” seem to go too far. For example, should the word “God” be excluded from the Pledge of Allegiance?

Something for you to reflect upon.

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