Andrea Marshall brings development experience to new position


andrea_marshall_pic_p_8By Connie Berry
Sun editor

Andrea Marshall doesn’t believe in raising money for causes that she doesn’t believe in.

Marshall arrived at the Syracuse Diocese’s Office of Stewardship and Development in early September. She is the new assistant director of development for the diocese and she’s getting to know the  people in the departments and the pastors as she begins her new position.

Marshall has worked for non-profits throughout her career, lending her expertise to Hartwick College, University of Rochester, the Alzheimers Association and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her professional life is driven by the fact that she is a people person.

“I love working with people and building relationships, and the fact that it helps something bigger than I am, that’s great,” Marshall said.

Kit Parker, diocesan director of the HOPE Appeal and the Office of Stewardship and Development, is pleased to have Marshall join the team.

“We’re delighted to have her,” Parker said. “It is a new position for us and she will be helping me, parishes and the diocese. She will be a real welcome addition.”

Marshall said her goal is to connect with people who share her faith and willingness to support the diocese into the future. Marshall will work on a planned giving program where donors have a variety of ways to support the work going on within the seven-county diocese. She will work with donors who wish to leave to the diocese a planned gift after their death and those donors who want to give a one-time sum — basically anyone who wants to continue to support the numerous diocesan programs or events. Marshall’s job will be to find new donors who may not know the mechanics of leaving a gift or making a donation. Donations can be as specific as the donor wants them to be, or they can offer a general gift to support any program.

“They could specify donations be used as a scholarship for a student between 12 and 18 years old who was a Catholic elementary school student who will attend a specific Catholic school within the diocese, or they could donate to the general operations of the diocese,” Marshall said. “The gift would be entirely up to the donor.”

The interesting part of her job, Marshall explained, is showing the donors how their gift benefits the diocese. If someone were interested in making a major gift, donating stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance, IRAs or retirement funds, Marshall would be the person who walks them through the process and connects them with the diocese in a hands-on manner. The donor might tour a school or meet administrative staff to learn more about a gift to Catholic schools. A donor who is interested in increasing numbers of vocations to the priesthood might learn more about the Office of Vocations Promotions. Someone interested in the development of lay ministry might visit the Formation for Ministry Program Office to see how that program works. Marshall makes the connections between people and the ministries of the diocese so that donors have a clear understanding of how their gifts benefit the diocese and in turn, those the diocese serves.

Marshall will also be responsible for assisting pastors and parishes as they launch the new increased offertory program. “I am hoping to make an impact by helping people in the diocese see the value in supporting what we do, helping the diocese to grow into the future,” Marshall said.

Marshall said her Catholic faith — she and her family are members of Holy Family Church in Fairmount — has guided her through good and bad times, and she is relishing the opportunity to give back to her church.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people and finding out what makes them want to be involved in the church and give back,” Marshall said. “The potential donor could be anyone, but it will be someone who believes in the work of the diocese and wants to continue that commitment. Who knows, maybe we’ll find someone out there who wants to continue the work of The Catholic Sun. You never know.”

For more information, contact Marshall at (315) 470-1446 or email her at

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