CBA Assistant Principal wins Lasallian Educator award

DEWITT — ­ Christian Brothers Academy has awarded Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, Judy Killion, “Lasallian Educator of the Year” for the 2011-2012 school year. Killion was nominated by her colleagues, and was presented with the award at a reception announcing her achievement. The award comes as a milestone in her career as this year marks her 20th year at CBA.

As assistant principal of academic affairs and a teacher of AP calculus, Killion is involved with many aspects of the education process including building curriculum, teaching students and hiring new faculty every year. Hiring is something Killion takes very seriously. She admits the process is time consuming, assessing whether potential candidates fit both academically and spiritually.

It comes as no surprise that much like the Lasallian philosophy of educating the whole child, Killion’s approach to creating a nourishing academic environment is well-rounded and is dedicated to the well being of every student. Killion is especially proud of is the development of Academic Intervention services that reach out to students who need extra support. “That’s as Lasallian as you can get,” she explained. “To reach out to those who need it most is so important.”

Killion exemplifies a true Lasallian spirit not only in her dedication to CBA and its mission for the last two decades but also in her promise and continuing focus on educating the whole child. “We’re being creative to give students everything they deserve,” said Killion. “I’m a problem solver, that’s probably why I like math.” Killion hopes to introduce web-based courses that will link Lasallian schools, opening up new options in the curriculum, including courses in engineering, a subject a large percentage of CBA graduates go on to study in college.

Killion’s achievement will be officially celebrated by the entire CBA community in the spring at the school’s annual Honors Night Convocation and further at the Lasallian Auction where she will be an honored guest.

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