Bishop Cunningham announces new priest appointments

   Most Rev. Robert J. Cunningham, Bishop of Syracuse, announced the appointment of new pastors/administrators and those retiring at the end of June, 2012.

The following will be retiring:

Msgr. George Sheehan, Temporary Administrator, St. Joseph Church in Camillus,
effective June 29, 2012  

Fr. Wilbur Votraw, Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church, Syracuse, effective July 31, 2012
The following are recent appointments as indicated by date:
 Alciati, Fr. Paul J.
Presently:  Administrator, St. Margaret’s Church in Homer
New assignment:  Pastor, St. Margaret’s Church in Homer, effective 6/29/2012

Bourgeois, Rev. Donald
Presently: Parochial Vicar, St. Ambrose Church, Endicott
New assignment: Pastor, St. Ambrose Church, Endicott, effective 6/29/2012

Canorro, Rev. John
Presently: Pastor of St. Anne, Mother of Mary, Mexico
Additional Responsibility: Pastor, Christ our Light Church, Pulaski, effective  6/29/2012

Celentano, Fr. Christopher
Presently:  Administrator, St.Michael’s Church, Central Square & St. Agnes Church, Brewerton
New assignment: Pastor St. Michael’s Church, Central Square & St. Agnes Church, Brewerton, effective, 6/29/2012

Currie, Fr. Charles
Presently:  Pastor, St. Ambrose Church, Endicott
New assignment: Administrator, Immaculate Conception, Greene & St. Joseph’s Church in Oxford, effective 6/29/2012

Gantley, Rev. Mark
Presently:  Administrator, St. John’s Church, Bainbridge & St. Agnes Mission, Afton
New assignment:  Returning to Hawaii serving as Judicial Vicar, effective 6/29/2012

Kreinheder, Fr. Gregory
Presently: Administrator, St. Joseph Church & St. Stephen’s Church, Oswego
New assignment: Pastor, St. Joseph Church & St. Stephen’s Church, Oswego, effective 6/29/2012

Maloney, Fr. Kevin
Presently:  Administrator, St. Agatha Church, Canastota
New assignment:  Pastor, St. Agatha Church, Canastota, effective 6/29/2012

McGrath, Fr. Thomas
Presently:  Retired
New assignment:  Administrator, St. Mary of the Lake, Skaneateles, effective 6/29/2012

Mucha, Fr. Josef
Presently: Administrator, Christ Our Light Church, Pulaski. Returning to ministry in the Diocese of Rzeszow, Poland, effective 6/29/2012

Muscalino, Fr. Daniel C.  
Presently:  Administrator, St. Francis Xavier Church, Marcellus
New assignment:  Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Church, Marcellus, effective 6/29/2012

O’Connor, Fr. Joseph M.
Presently: Director of Office of Vocation Promotion
Additional Responsibility: Secretary to the Bishop, effective 6/29/2012

Rose, Fr. John F.
Presently:  Spritual Director at St. Luke’s Institute, Maryland
New assignment:  Temporary Administrator, St. Vincent de Paul Church, Syracuse, effective 8/01/2012

Schoenhofen, Fr.  Darr    
Presently:  Pastor, St. Mary of the Lake, Skaneateles
New assignment: Administrator, St. John’s Church, Bainbridge & St. Agnes Mission, Afton, effective   6/29/2012

Servatius, Fr. Thomas
Presently:  Administrator, St. Augustine’s Church, Baldwinsville
New assignment:  Pastor, St. Augustine’s Church, Baldwinsville, effective 6/29/2012
Remains Director of Seminary Formation

Worn, Fr. G. Peter
Presently:  Temporary Administrator, Immaculate Conception, Greene and St. Joseph’s Oxford
New assignment:  Pastor, St. Joseph Church, Camillus, effective 6/29/2012

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