Students celebrate healthy teeth

  Good dental health and hygiene for children was a major February campaign for Fidelis Care, the New York State Catholic Health Plan. The health care provider worked with dental providers, schools and community organizations across the State to educate students and their parents on preventive and routine dental care. More than 100 pro-dental care events were held last month, including 20 events in the Syracuse Diocese.
   Outreach specialist for Fidelis Care Riley Enders coordinated with Cathedral Academy at Pompei in Syracuse to promote February as National Children’s Dental Health Month. Enders facilitated the program with the help of the school’s nurse, who was hired in part by a grant Fidelis Care provided to the Syracuse Diocese Catholic Schools. Enders provided students healthy dental care information to share with their parents, as well as brand new toothbrushes.
   The importance of keeping teeth healthy was also carried throughout each grade’s classroom instruction. Students also enjoyed creating “Super Tooth Puppets” out of lunch bags to bring home.

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