Door-to-door evangelization

page 6 brief legion of mary pic

page 6 brief legion of mary pic  The Legion of Mary at St. Joseph-St. Patrick Church in Utica engages in evangelization by going door-to-door in pairs throughout West Utica. They invite the unchurched to share the Catholic faith and welcome non-practicing Catholics to return to the Church. Mary Hallman, new diocesan director of the Evangelization Office, recently accompanied a pair of Legionaries on their home visitations and then spoke to all of the members at their weekly meeting in the parish rectory. To learn more about the Legion of Mary and its important role in evangelization in the Utica-Rome area, call (315) 724-1072.
   Pictured above are (front row, L to R) Bonnie Fazio; Tom Mayer; John Zumpano; Mary Hallman; Conrad Siguna; (back row, L to R) Mike Rizzo; Jack Reilly; Richard Duquette III; Father Richard O’Neill, Spiritual Advisor; Blair Kahler; and Jason Fazio. Not pictured are Father Richard E. Dellos, pastor; Joseph LaChaz; Theresa Korol; and Lois Finnegan.

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