Helping our pope

To the editor:

   I enjoyed reading “Accelerating Catholic Reform” in the Catholic Sun (Jan. 23, 2014). The article was intriguing and thought-provoking.

   When / how long did it take the Church theologians, social thinkers, Catholic university teachers and other leaders to know that since Vatican II, We-Catholics have been engaged in much “psychobabble”? Very likely till that time of realization, We-Catholics  were told that all this was a “renewal.” I say this because reading the article suggest that the future will be a repeat performance.

   American Catholics like the majority in our country have for the last several decades engaged in a lot of “inward (circular) thinking.” It has been the same old social issues of married priest[s], women priest[s], homosexuality. And for some theological controversy it has been the esoteric topic of “Historical Jesus.”

   Yet, the Catholic Church and the current pope has given us a lead. The elders of the Church (cardinals) have reached out to the third world to select its leader. He has certainly brought new light, in action and thought, to address some of the pressing problems of the church. For this, Time Magazine acclaimed him to be the “Person of the Year.”

   So what is the American  Catholic Church doing to help the
pope? How about reaching out to the third world and in the process helping ourselves in developing a world perspective of “Identity and Mission”?

    Individual diocese[s] should develop much stronger links with diocese[s] in the Americas, Africa and Asia, exchanging priests, nuns and seminarians for 1-2 years for training or sabbatical. For the summer, they can provide relief in parishes; when the acutely short-staffed priests take their annual vacation. These interactions and exchanges can expand to include many other categories including an exchange of seminary professors. If there  are no personnel to exchange, we could have a one-way street in some aspects of cooperation.
Gilbert Lawrence, MD
Utica, N.Y.

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