‘Life is precious in all situations’

To the editor:

   I was delighted to see a letter in the Catholic Sun after so many letterless issues. Hope this is a return to its former vibrant place in the paper.
   I too agree with Michael Seagriff’s reference to Blessed John Paul II, “the promotion of the culture of life should be the highest [priority] in our societies” [Catholic Sun, Nov. 7, 2013]. That’s why Jesus “didn’t like killing, no matter the reason why.” That’s why Jesus told us to love one another, not to kill one another, unborn nor born.
   In Iraq in a war that is now acknowledged to have been an illegal one, many pregnant Iraqi women’s babies aborted naturally because of shock to their bodies.
   Life is not like a sports team to be rated 1, 2 or 3 according to Mr. Seagriff’s judgment and criteria.
   Life is precious in all situations!
   Courage for peace, not for war.

Cynthia Banas
Vernon, N.Y.

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