Promoting culture of life should be highest priority

Dear Editor:

   One would expect a Diocesan newspaper to print the work of individuals and columnists who accurately set forth the teachings of the Catholic Church. Regrettably, over the years, this newspaper, like so many others claiming to be Catholic, has consistently demonstrated a preference for doing just the opposite.
   The most recent case in point is Tony Magliano’s October [3rd] column, Making a Difference.
   The columnist wrote that: “Putting an end to the killing of unborn babies is a priority for me, and it is a priority for the Catholic Church. But is it not the only priority. The concern of Christ and the Catholic Church for the suffering of the world is not limited to any one group of people — born or unborn…So we are not to rank pro-life, social justice and peace issues, we are to link them (my emphasis). It’s what the Catholic Church calls the ‘consistent ethic of life.’”
   Sounds nice at first glance but the problem with the columnist’s assertions is that he is simply flat out wrong.
  It was the late Cardinal Bernardin, not the Catholic Church, who preached “the seamless garment” doctrine to which Mr. Magliano and so many “social justice and peace Catholics” subscribe.
   The late Blessed John Paul II taught that: “The promotion of the culture of life should be the highest priority in our societies…” (my emphasis again). If the right to life is not defended decisively as a condition for all other rights of the person, all other references to human rights remain deceitful and illusory.”
  As for me, I will follow the Pope, not a deceased Cardinal or a syndicated columnist. How about you?
Michael Seagriff
Canastota, N.Y.

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