Roof raised!

To the Editor:

   It is with a grateful heart and joyous spirit that I write this letter to thank all those in the greater Oneida community who helped St. Patrick’s Raise the Roof.

   St. Patrick’s School suffered damage to the roof and the interior of the school from the heavy rains that have been so devastating to so many over this past year. One morning in the late spring I came to school to discover pools of brown water on the floors and water damage on the walls.

   To repair the roof of the school alone cost more than $50,000. I knew that would be a great financial hardship to the parish, which owns the school. I did not want the school to be a burden to the parish so we reached out to the community, launching our Raise the Roof campaign.

   The generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations has been tremendous. We reached our goal of $50,000 and presented Father Kapral, our pastor, with a check to finance the work.

   Hearing that the interior of the school had also received damage, we also received donations to repair the walls that were damaged.

   The roof has been repaired and the walls have been repaired and repainted in some updated, fun primary colors that are sure to delight our students.

   Thanks to the generosity of the community we were ready to greet all of our students on Sept 3 and kick off another successful year of learning.

   I must admit that when I saw the damage the school had received I was more than a little discouraged. Sometimes we are tested. That discouraged feeling has been replaced twofold by the knowledge that so many people responded to our need and will continue to help us to educate the children of Madison and Oneida counties.

   Father Kapral joins me in thanking everyone who donated to our Raise the Roof campaign and who continues to support Catholic Education.

   May God Bless.

Peg Brown
St. Patrick’s School, Oneida

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