Sto lat and best wishes

To the editor:

   Parishioners of Transfiguration Church gathered after 9 o’clock Mass Oct. 19 to recognize and celebrate a truly amazing and rare accomplishment:


   Parish organist and liturgical minister Phyllis Dopkowski marked 50 years of service at the Teall Avenue church. Surely there aren’t many churches in the United States who have had such fine music from the same individual for so many years.

   Let’s put it this way: Transfiguration — growing from the hardy and hearty roots put down by Polish immigrants — is a bit more than 100 years old and Phyllis’s music has echoed from its walls for almost half that time!

   Well more than 100 church members feted Phyllis with flowers, cakes and gifts at the church and toasted her with favorite Polish melodies and hymns including “Jak Szybko Miajaja Chwile (How Quickly the Time Goes!) and “Sto Lat.” As usual, they sang while she directed.

   Mrs. Dopkowski served with five pastors at Transfiguration: Rev. Msgr. John J. Kociela, Rev. Arthur Hapanowicz, Rev. Bernard Orzewski, Rev. Stanley Szewczyk, and of course the current pastor, Rev. Thomas Kobuszewski.

   On top of all that, she is the parish’s bookkeeper.

   It was a fitting “Well Done!” for Mrs. Dopkowski, and you can hear her music this weekend if you drop by for the Saturday or Sunday Masses.

   This letter is written on behalf of all of Phyllis’s many admirers.

John Omicinski
Syracuse, N.Y.

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