‘Gone Girl,’ ‘The Book of Mormon’ offensive

‘Gone Girl,’ ‘The Book of Mormon’ offensive
   Many thanks for your movie review column of October 9, 2014, “Gone Girl” by John Mulderig. I remember actor Ben Affleck [star of “Gone Girl”] in the movie “Argo,” [a] true story and pro-Catholic movie.
   In our American society, the media rates this movie [“Gone Girl”] 4 stars, “the best/tops.”
   My cousin had the (mis)fortune to see this movie. She informed me it is not for me.
   How did this movie get “R” rating when it appears, as it was said in the 1960’s, “X” rated?
   I then read in the Catholic Sun your column on “Gone Girl.” “O for offensive is correct. Any chance the Catholic News Service can add “O — offensive” to the present movie rating system in the/to the general public news columns and regular newspapers?
   I am really disappointed there are no “general,” “G”-rated movies made anymore. It was such a joy to attend movies in the “old” days and leave a theater feeling good/happy/musical. The G-rated movies used to teach us a new joy to add to our lives and songs to our lives.

Gloria McCormick
Johnson City, N.Y.

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