National Adoption Day is November 22

To mark National Adoption Day, Bishop Robert J. Cunningham offered the following statement:

   “When parents welcome a child into their lives through adoption, it is an act of abundant love. Adoption is an example of God’s love for all of us. It is important as a church family that we celebrate the occasion and recognize that adoption is a special and holy act. Adoption is the way by which all Christ’s believers enter into the family of God. In the Bible, we see many references to adoption: Moses was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter as a part of God’s plan for the deliverance of Israel. Esther was adopted by her cousin Mordecai after her parents died. Joseph, too, shared his abundant love as the foster father to Jesus.

   On November 22, we observe National Adoption Day and invite you to celebrate the families in your parish who have been blessed by adoption.”

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