Service at Holy Family School

  FAIRMOUNT — Every month at Holy Family School there is a school-wide service project, ranging from food collection for local food pantries to “coins for kids” to collections of baby supplies for moms-to-be at Joseph’s House. Each classroom takes a turn organizing the monthly service project each year.

   For years Karen Sparkes’ kindergarten class has made sandwiches for the homeless once a month (pictured above). Last year, the project was expanded to include teachers and staff who wanted to be involved. Students learn about helping the less fortunate while also learning some valuable life skills in preparing food.

   “It is truly a life lesson and rewarding experience that we give our children when participating in these projects throughout the year. They gain a new appreciation for what they have and develop an understanding of the importance of helping people less fortunate than they are,” said Mary Babbles, art teacher.

   By starting the experience of community service with children at a young age, Holy Family School hopes to instill and nurture in students a responsibility for helping their community.

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