Winners of tickets to papal Mass at MSG announced

Congratulations to the following folks, who are the lucky winners of our contest to win a pair of tickets to Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at Madison Square Garden Sept. 25!

Winners have been notified via telephone or email. If your name is on this list and you were not notified, please contact as soon as possible. All winners will be contacted when the diocese has received the tickets from the Archdiocese of New York.


Catherine Mackey

Mary Ellen Geglia

Roxanne Casey

Joan Lamson

Genevieve Likoudis

John Guinta

Mary Helms

Heather Liggett

Deborah Filosi

Kimberlee Geno

Rossana Luz Barco

Theresa Ehrich

Michael Cretaro

Jane Talbot

Thomas Hackett

Mary Tucker

Alex Prose

Kurt Brunger

Michelle Brown

Concetta Vespari

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Linton

Joseph Picciotto

Marjorie Corsoniti

Diana Isgro

J. Edward Mahoney

Robert Ford

Frances Kalaska

Robert Wansor

Theodore Hochenberger

Anne McGivney

Timothy D. Stedman

Angela Vigliotti

Sharon Fish

Roseann Ciuffo

Bonnie Fountaine

Moira DeCarolis

Constance Chase

Linda Lazore

Fred Corey

Mike Pelligrino

Mr. & Mrs. Tho Duffy

Richard Wasnik

Patricia Hagerty

Clara Gonzalez

James O’Connell

Patrick & Marcia Knapp

Eleanor Pendergast

Dena Gorea

Justine Hilsdorf

Timothy Burns

John Traino

Kathleen Driscoll

Rosemarie Tenney

Susan Teelin

Richard Bucci

Mrs. Eugene Cartic

Michael King

Laura & Jeff Mack

Aaron Stukey

Julia O’Connell

Laura Empie

Patricia Humpleby

Kathleen Reagan

Deborah Sullivan

Gregory Engle

Carol Wojcikowski

Mr. & Mrs. James Bednarczyk

Ryan DeCarolis

Chris Moses

Mary Hosey-Pardi

Albert Giannino

Deacon Gilbert Nadeau

Marion McDonald

Margaret Guldy

James Escovar

Daniel Jones

Charles & Mary Zimmerman

Dan Cappa

John Schaefer Jr.

Rosa Jermalovic

Lucy Paris

Timothy Sheldon

Nancy Impelizzieri

Caroline Garner

Linda Haverlock

Michael Cheslik

Ann Schaefer

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  1. If anyone cant use the tickets id very much welcome the chance to go!


  2. If there is 1 ticket that someone can’t use, I am praying on receiving one. I’m desperate to attend. My parish only received 2 tickets and i didn’t win the lottery. Thank you and God Bless You.

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