Walk of mercy in Utica

Penitents pass beneath the Stations of the Cross and stained glass windows at St. Joseph and St. Patrick Church, praying for God’s mercy for all those enduring suffering. (Sun photo | Tom Loughlin, Jr.)

Text and photos by Tom Loughlin, Jr.

UTICA — St. Joseph and St. Patrick Church wrapped up its Pentecost Mass with the first annual Penitential Walk for God’s Mercy and an energetic spiritual concert by musical evangelist Mark Bolos’ band. More than 60 parishioners and community members participated, led by Mike Dziura reciting the rosary.

Organizer Anna Marie Piacentino, assisted by son David in organizing the event, said, “I thought it would be an excellent way to petition God for His mercy. We all need it.” Pastor Father Richard Dellos said, “It was a great idea,” and added that the cold, rainy weather “driving us indoors wound up being a good thing. You could hear all the prayers.” Organizers and Father Dellos expressed eagerness to continue the event in 2017.

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