My place in the sun, Feb. 2: Catholic Schools: A Great Gift

We are in the midst of Catholic Schools Week! Last Friday evening, as has been the custom for 11 years, the Light the Way Scholarship Dinner was held at the Oncenter. We honored Bishops Moynihan and Costello, Donna Skrocki, Patrick Kinne, and three educators who have served in our Catholic schools for 40 years. What a joyous occasion and kickoff for Catholic Schools Week.

   It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this week’s column that I am convinced our Catholic schools are a great gift to our diocese and to the nation. I am a Catholic school graduate, beginning my time in Catholic schools in first grade and continuing through high school, college, and graduate studies. Although I learned about my faith first from the words and example of my parents, I was fortunate they sent me to a Catholic elementary and high school where the Gospel and the teachings of the Church were integrated into all subject areas and the overall environment of the school.

   My Catholic school education is a gift I cherish. My experience in Catholic education institutions is a rich blessing. The lessons learned from elementary through graduate school have stayed with me to the present day. I take this opportunity to share some of the lessons I learned — lessons that our Catholic schools continue to teach today.