Franciscan Friars sell some of their properties to local developers

Press release submitted by Assumption Church; Franciscan Friars Conventual, Province of Our Lady of the Angels; and 800 Block, LLC

   The Franciscan Friars, in order to enhance and strengthen their 150-year-old ministry of service on the North Side of Syracuse, are partnering with developers on Syracuse’s North Side to continue to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the local community, especially those most in need. In a strategic effort to continue and build upon this core mission certain real property on Syracuse’s North Side will be transferred to two local developers.

   The sale includes the following real property commonly designated by the following eight addresses and tax map parcels:
1.  1109-27 N. Townsend St., Syracuse, NY (008.-02-01.1);
2. 1105 N. Townsend St., Syracuse, NY (008.-02-02.0);
3.  207 Catawba St., Syracuse, NY (008.-02-04.0);
4. 800-02 N. Salina St., Syracuse, NY (008.-02-05.0);
5. 812 N. Salina St., Syracuse, NY (portion;008.-02-06.0);
6. 1129 N. Townsend St., Syracuse, NY (008.-02-08.0);

7. 1923 Lodi St., Syracuse, NY (008.-03-13.1); and
8. 207 Isabella St., Syracuse, NY (007.-34-17.0).

   The Franciscan Friars are not selling, and shall retain ownership and control of, the Assumption Church, the St. Francis Friary, and the large parking lot on the north-most section of the property. The Assumption Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen will also continue to operate on the premises to provide families with food parcels each month to meet their basic needs.

   The buyers, Troy Evans and Steve Case, have formed 800 Block, LLC, to acquire the subject properties. Mr. Evans and Mr. Case are two local developers with a passion for community-oriented real estate development.

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