‘Powerful, powerful’: IGNITE 2017 Men’s Conference

‘The King’s Men’ co-founder among speakers at OCC

By Tom Maguire

Associate editor

Mark Houck gives about 65 talks a year, spending up to four months away from his wife, his five children, and his home 45 minutes outside Philadelphia. Wherever he goes, he tries to inspire men to be leaders, protectors, and providers.

   “By virtue of God’s humanity he chose to be a man,” Houck said of the Son of God. “What does that mean? It raises the bar for men.”

   Houck, 42, is a co-founder of a laymen’s apostolate called “The King’s Men.” He  intends to raise the bar for men by delivering a “very positive but also challenging” talk at the IGNITE 2017 Catholic Men’s Conference on Saturday, March 25, at SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College. The conference’s theme is “It’s all possible with God.”

   Other main speakers will be Msgr. Jim Lisante, a pastor from Long Island who spoke at IGNITE several years ago, and Chris Horn, a former wide receiver who took an unusual route to the NFL.

   “I bring a lot of joy in my Catholicity and my fatherhood,” Houck said of his conference presentations. He figures that, together, the speakers will deliver a “very powerful message about what it means to be a Catholic man.”

   Men at conferences fall into various categories, Houck said. Some don’t know what they want to devote their life to, some are in the “mushy middle,” and some are even in a mode of “I don’t know why I’m here.” But all of them are open to learning, he said, and 90 percent of them are very positive.