Reflections of Jubilarians


Father William R. Jones,

parochial vicar of Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse, ordained in May 1967

   Since June of 2010, Father Jones has been the parochial vicar of the Cathedral. He has ministered in parishes in Syracuse, Endicott, Binghamton, and Maine.

   In addition, Father Jones has served as chaplain for Broome Community College, Broome County Jails, and Southern Tier Marriage Encounter. Over the years, he has served on a number of diocesan committees.

   When asked what he reflects upon as his jubilee approaches, he responded by saying the following:

   “For me, Pope Francis says it best when he says, ‘I am a sinner on whom God has turned his gaze.’ That is me in a nutshell. I am most grateful to be called to serve God through his Church for these 50 years.

   “Even though there have been times of darkness and struggle aplenty, I thank God for the grace to persevere and come to the numerous exceedingly joyous times and experiences that overshadow these times of downcast.

   “With the many graces, blessings, gifts, and talents God has bestowed on me, first and foremost, I strive to be a priest that people can turn to.”

   When asked what has impressed him or inspired him since his 40th anniversary, Father Jones replied:

   “As always what inspires and energizes me is the living faith of so many people I have come to meet and know.

   “In a world where the force of evil bares itself more and more, I find myself living among saints. It appears to me that the Lord reveals the treasures of his wisdom and his spirit more and more. I concentrate on taking in the good.”

   Asked about hobbies, Father Jones said, “My ministry keeps me active, but I continue to walk and swim and play golf on a regular basis.”

   Participation in sports has always been a part of his life. In 2014, Father Jones was inducted into the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame because he was a three-sport all-star in golf, basketball, and baseball at St. John the Evangelist High School in Syracuse and Waterloo University in Canada.


Father Edward J. Reimer,

pastor, St. Patrick Church, Chittenango, ordained in May 1967

   Father Reimer, celebrating his 50th jubilee, has served in Utica; Solvay; South America; Manlius; Mattydale; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Syracuse; and Chittenango.

   He was asked what has impressed him since his last jubilee. He was also asked about whether the time has gone by quickly for him. He said this in an email:

   “I was overjoyed at my 25th Anniversary by the enthusiasm of the parishioners and I realized that it was really a celebration of the parish and the priesthood. That is what this celebration is all about. It’s not about me but it is the people of St. Patrick’s demonstrating belief in Jesus, the Eucharist, the Gospel, and the Church. It becomes a celebration not of a person but of the people; God’s Easter People.

   “It is the people who make the years fly by. In the parish community there is always something different; something to rejoice over; something to think about; something to share in sorrow. To be a part of all this has made the years fly by. Some days have been difficult. Some days have been tiring and all of them with the Lord and His people.”