‘De-clutter’ your soul

Sister Lois Barton, CSJ

   As we look back on the year just ended, we may be breathing a sigh of relief to bid goodbye to all the distress. Weather events and other disasters, violence, and political upheaval both in our country and around the world made for a challenging time for most of us. How might we ritualize our movement from 2017 to the “new day” that is upon us? How might we lighten the mood and feed our spirits in 2018?

   I hear people quite often these days speak of “de-cluttering” and wonder if that isn’t a task for our souls as much as for our cupboards and offices. Instead of grand gestures that often fall flat or are quickly forgotten, why not try something simple?

• When you wake up, give thanks that you did.

• When you pass someone on the street or in the downtown parking garage, smile.

Ask the grocery clerk how her day is going.

Thank God at the stoplight and at every turn of the day.

Be quiet. (Silence really is golden.)

   Remember that just because something is simple, it may not be easy, and each simple thing done with intention could become a habit that strengthens your spiritual “muscles.” Perhaps you will find even more ways to have a kinder, gentler, God-filled year!

     Sister Lois Barton, CSJ is the program director of the Sophia Center for Spirituality in Binghamton. She holds a Master’s Certificate in Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University in New Orleans and an advanced certificate in spiritual direction from the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse. Sister Lois resides at the Spiritual Center in Windsor with three other Sisters of St. Joseph.  

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