Diocesan seminarian instituted into ministry of Lector

Diocesan seminarian Heath Munger (center) was instituted into the ministry of Lector March 17. With him are fellow diocesan seminarians Dc. Matthew Rawson, Brendan Foley, Dennis Walker, and Nathan Brooks. (Photo courtesy Nathan Brooks)
Submitted by Nathan Brooks | Seminarian, Diocese of Syracuse
BALTIMORE, MD — Seminarian Heath Munger was instituted into the ministry of Lector at St. Mary’s Seminary and University March 17 by Bishop W. Francis Malooly of the diocese of Wilmington, Delaware. This callsMunger to be a servant of the Living Word of God in proclaiming the readings at the liturgy. Men studying to be priests are instituted into two ministries during their formation: Lector and Acolyte. Munger is scheduled to be instituted into the ministry of Acolyte next year. 
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