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Message from the Office of Faith Formation

By Sister Katie Eiffe, CSJ As Jesus spoke to his disciples at the Last Supper, he promised to send the Paraclete — the Holy Spirit — to them. Even as they dreaded the reality of his leaving them, he reassured them with the promise of the Spirit. “Because I have had…


Message from the Office of Ministerial Formation & Liturgy

When you were growing up, who were your heroes? Growing up in the sixties and seventies, we seemed to have many. As young men we wanted to be like John Glenn and JFK. Like them, we wanted to make our mark on the world. The airwaves were filled with stories…


Message from the Chief Operating Officer

It has been 90 days since my first day on the job, and I am looking forward to the new challenges this position brings. I still need to learn more about the diocese and each of its missions, parishes and schools. Over the past three months, I have spent time…