By Deacon Gary DiLallo

“It’s the food, Deacon, the food.” That was the response from Marie, an attendee who was standing in a very long line for the “ethnic platter,” on why she was patiently waiting. She was one of hundreds from across Broome County who descended on the parish grounds of Most Holy Rosary Church in the village of Maine for their 41st Oktoberfest celebration of food, friendship, music and fun. 

Tom Gaska, a musician with the Maine Community Band, remarked that “this small church made it a great day for the Maine community with great food and music for all. The spirit of unity was with all ages finding something positive to enjoy.”

Parishioner Anna Alfarano, who oversaw several of the kids’ games, concurred. “It’s nice to see the kids enjoy what we do. In the end, it’s for them.” 

God had certainly blessed the day with warm and sunny weather, as the patrons continued to arrive to enjoy the food, beverages and music.

Deacon Jim Tokos, co-chair of the event, said: “After months of planning, weeks of shopping and several days of cooking, we were off and running, literally!” He adds that he was “so pleased that we were able to serve so many people. God certainly blessed us with a great day.”

Karen Taylor, one of the many volunteers, added that “the day turned out so much better than expected. Both the weather and attendance were phenomenal. God’s gift this year — good food, great volunteers and a special blessing given from above made Oktoberfest 2022 better than ever!”

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