By Tom Maguire | Associate editor

The “absolute quest” ended happily.

Rachel and Amos Bryhof sought to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their North Syracuse home, so they searched the internet for the perfect image that grabbed them.

“Some images were too traditional for our family,” Rachel, the quester, says on YouTube, “and some images, the way he was displaying his heart wasn’t exactly what we wanted, so we finally got an image through our local Catholic shop, and she had it all framed up and it’s really reasonable.”

Assisting with the ceremony at the Bryhofs’ home was Anne Costa, Founder and Director of Revive Hope and Healing Ministries, Inc., a Catholic apostolate and Association of Christian Faithful made up of a collection of ministries including the Sacred Heart Enthronement Ministry, serving the Diocese of Syracuse and beyond. She accompanied ministry promoter Kathy Kreinheder of Bridgeport, a fellow parishioner of the Bryhofs at Sacred Heart Church in Cicero.

The Enthronement Ministry, Costa said, exists “to accompany individuals and families as they welcome Jesus more fully into their lives, hearts, and homes through Enthronement of His Sacred Heart. We assist as people live out the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their everyday lives and serve as a resource to promote greater awareness and recognition of this devotion and its primacy in addressing the urgent challenges of our times.” 

Building a shrine

Enthronement typically involves building a shrine in the home, Costa said, “and it’s a place where family gathers. … It’s a concrete way to have Christ in your home. …

“It’s a simple solemn ceremony. … People prayerfully prepare to invite Christ into their home in a very real and tangible way, and in that way they carry out his request that in every place where his image is honored …, he’ll bring great blessings upon that place.”

The enthronement “was a good ceremony,” Amos Bryhof says on the YouTube video. “Father [Richard P. Prior, Jr.] showed up, and he came up to the door and he said, ‘I hear an altar server [their son] lives here. And … Hunter was his altar server during the ceremony.”

Rachel adds: “We had Mass right in our house. … A few friends and Father and the members of [REVIVE] came.”

Costa said REVIVE, which she incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018, held meetings at Sacred Heart Church in Cicero but holds them online now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last October, Bishop Douglas J. Lucia issued a decree stating that “out of pastoral concern for the faithful of the diocese,” he prayerfully supports the establishment and mission of REVIVE.

The bishop’s decree adds: “After a suitable period of time has passed in which the stability of REVIVE has been established, the members of this private association may request ecclesiastical approval of its statutes in order to acquire juridic personality.”

The Vatican’s website says: “In the Church, besides physical persons, there are also juridic persons, that is, subjects in canon law of obligations and rights which correspond to their nature. …

“The competent authority of the Church is not to confer juridic personality except on those aggregates of persons … or things … which pursue a truly useful purpose and, all things considered, possess the means which are foreseen to be efficient to achieve their designated purpose.”

Bishop Lucia’s decree notes that REVIVE includes an Unbound Healing Prayer Ministry and an Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministry. REVIVE says: “None of us can navigate this life alone and there may be times when specific help is needed to home in on hurts, heal memories, or provide strategies for fruitful living and forming positive relationships with ourselves or others on the road to holiness.”

Day of solemnity

Costa said members of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Ministry will be attending the 7 p.m. June 11 Mass for the Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at Sacred Heart Church, with Bishop Lucia presiding. Registration is required to attend; go to and click where it says to register for Mass.

Those considering enthronement of the Sacred Heart in their homes can view Rachel and Amos Bryhof talking about its effect on their lives at

“Since the enthronement,” Amos says, “we’ve been doing a lot more praying together and just spending more time with Jesus together; we’ve done a few studies, we’ve done a few other consecrations.”

Rachel cites even the most trivial things of family life, such as the kids declining to eat dinner: “We can point to our image and say, ‘Jesus would really love it if you would eat dinner!’”

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