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   In the blog “One Catholic Life,” Deacon Nick Sender proposes 101 practical ways to fast during Lent. Deacon Sender suggests that before choosing what to give up or take on for Lent, Catholics should reflect on four guiding questions:

   • What habits do I engage in that are destructive to my spiritual health?

   • To what materials things am I too attached?

     What areas in my life are unbalanced?

   • To what do I devote too much or not enough time?

   What’s important, according to Deacon Sender, is to decide what is best for you given your life circumstances. He also offers creative “fast” ideas. Here are few:

   • Drive to work in silence each day.

   • Write a letter to God daily.

   • Share one spiritual video with your online network each week.

   • Read a spiritual autobiography.

   • Find out who in your parish is sick and offer to visit them or bring food.

   • After Sunday Mass, stay awhile and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

   Tailoring your Lenten promises to suit your specific needs and interests may be the kick-start to new lifelong spiritual practices.

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