Years of loving touches from little (and big) hands, as well as fading due to normal wear and tear, had taken their toll on the once vibrant statue of the Holy Family that graced the main hallway at Holy Family School in Syracuse.

Earlier this fall, Father John D. Manno, pastor of Holy Family Church, had the statue removed and repaired.

On Dec. 1, immediately following the 9 a.m. Mass, it was time to return the restored statue to its place. The students filled the hallway as Father Manno said a special blessing — he even turned and blessed all of the children too.

Holy Family School art teacher Mary Babbles said in an email: “We are so very thankful to have our Holy Family back in the school where it belongs and in total awe of the amazing restoration work. Stop in and check it out the next time you are at school or church!”

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