Bishop Robert J. Cunningham issued the following statement Jan. 12 in the wake of reports of profane comments attributed to U.S. President Donald Trump at a Jan. 11 meeting about immigration:

“It is once again a poignant time to remind ourselves that immigrants and refugees from every country enrich our local communities. Their contributions to the fabric of our society is everywhere evident. Here in Upstate New York, so many of our parents and grandparents came from Europe and built this community. In recent years immigrants from Latin America, Asia and Africa, to name just a few, have done the same. Our community is rich because of the diverse gifts of its people. As we reach the end of National Migration Week, may we look at no one as an outsider but embrace all as persons created in God’s image and likeness. Although there are many journeys we are one family. I pray that all will find here a place of welcome and be at peace. Today’s immigrants want what we all do — a place to raise our families in peace and love.”


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