On Veterans Day, some of the teens from St. James Church, Cazenovia, spent the morning making breakfast and serving it to veterans on the eighth floor of the Syracuse VA Medical Center. The teens enjoyed meeting these brave individuals and spending time getting to know them. Before leaving they gave the veterans, nurses, and hospital staff homemade breads that were patriotically packaged. Pictured are (from left, standing) Aidan Simms, Will Fitzgerald, Lisa Matto (Faith Formation Director for St. James), Tracy Bates, MaryRose Giangiobbe, Zach Simms, Cameron Cunningham, (from left, seated) Ernie Bottino, Victor Trippany, and Richard Jackson. One of the visitors from St. James, Austin Wood, said he was very impressed with the positivity and joy the staff and nurses had interacting with the patients. He recognized that even though many of the patients’ situations were very tough, the staff was giving them great care and smiling.

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