The Diocese of Syracuse issued the following statement Nov. 19:


Father Paul Angelicchio, Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church and Transfiguration Church in Rome, N.Y., was recently named in a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages for alleged sexual abuse during a time between 1980-1981. The Diocese of Syracuse is also named in the lawsuit.

In keeping with its policy and procedures, the Diocese of Syracuse notified the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office of the allegation. Father Paul Angelicchio has voluntarily taken administrative leave while a canonical investigation is conducted.

Father Paul announced his administrative leave at all Masses this past weekend, stating the following:

“There is no truth to this accusation and my conscience is perfectly clear. I am not guilty of what has been alleged. While I deny this accusation, and will vigorously defend my good name and reputation, I also acknowledge the Diocese’s responsibility to thoroughly investigate any accusation of clerical misconduct. Consequently, I am voluntarily stepping back from my duties as pastor of St. John’s and Transfiguration until the Diocese has concluded its investigation. As soon as the Diocese has completed its investigation, you will be informed. I ask you to pray for me as I journey through these next weeks, and you will continue to be in my daily prayer.”

It has previously been reported that Father Angelicchio is a named defendant in another filed lawsuit seeking monetary damages for alleged sexual abuse in the late 80s. Prior to the filing of the lawsuit in August 2019, the Onondaga County District Attorney found this allegation to not be credible as did the canonical investigation completed in December 2016. The civil lawsuit was filed as part of the NYS Child Victims Act.

The Diocese of Syracuse remains committed to its cooperation with the District Attorneys’ Offices and all aspects of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. We continue to pray for and seek to assist all whose lives have been affected by the violation of human dignity.

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