The Diocese of Syracuse has launched, a website to facilitate electronic giving to parishes while public Masses are suspended.

“Certainly during this pandemic, our faith practices have been challenged by our inability to gather and celebrate the Eucharist as a community,” Bishop Douglas J. Lucia writes in a letter on the website. Amid these challenges, however, “I have seen how our pastors and other parish ministerial leaders have stretched themselves to reach out to parishioners in new ways — live streaming Masses, personal phone calls, catechesis online, pastor chats, bible studies and more. We may not be able to practice our faith in ways we have grown accustomed but our parishes have found new ways to connect and to nourish the faith. It is my hope as well that if you are able, you will continue to support your parish financially as it seeks to minister to its people.”

Donors may select their parish of choice from a menu of 131 parishes or opt to allocate their gift to “parishes in greatest need.” Donors can make their one-time contribution by credit card or electronic check; the diocese will then forward the funds, less processing fees, to the selected parish.

Many parishes in the diocese already have their own electronic giving programs in place. Parishioners are encouraged to make their gifts through such programs where they are available, as the funds will be accessible to the parish more quickly, the website notes. does not replace these individual parish electronic giving programs; rather, the site is meant to supplement them and to supply a method of giving to parishes that do not have their own programs in place.

The campaign will be promoted on diocesan social media and a commercial will begin airing on television stations May 12 — watch it below now.

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